ITNET provide the best in class outsourced products and services to discerning clients both domestic and overseas with the primary objective of providing software, hardware and telecom support to the emerging and highly demanding electronics communication industry in the Rwanda.

Today ITNET Software Productions is the preferable off site service provider to companies engaged in Online designing, Website development, Electronic communication and Portal management.

Our philosophy is ‘Innovate or perish’. We deliver products worldwide through our associates by entering into licensing arrangements or partnerships with them.

Our technology expertise is founded on the following key areas :
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Advanced Data Base Design
3. Workflow Systems
4. Web-Based Computing
5. User Interface Design
Our strength in these five (5) core areas enables us to deliver innovative products with distinctly superior features to the global market place.


a) Lotus Notus

Lotus Notes continues to set the standard for innovation in the messaging and collaboration market Lotus defined over a decade ago. As an integrated collaborative environment, Lotus Notes combines enterprise-class messaging, calendaring & scheduling capabilities with a robust platform for collaborative applications. MSPI provides a powerful enterprise management solution by building up products which work entirely on the Lotus Notes / Domino environment. It significantly increases the reliability of your vital inbound and outbound email management systems through automated monitoring and performance management. This ensures continuous access to your mission-critical Lotus Notes / Domino resources enterprise-wide. We are one of the best companies in the world that carries out most of our projects with utmost care and consideration. Working remotely allows us to draw on a much larger pool of talent to satisfy the project needs.

b) C / C++

VC++ team develops various applications and utilities using state of the art tools and technologies on windows platforms. All the applications are part of application layer of the product architecture. They are having nice GUI for the user to work with. Each and every VC++ application is validating the input data’s. Processing the data and transfers them to database. Its compatible to both Oracle as well as Db2 databases. The data’s will be displayed to user from Web UI. All VC++ applications are robust, configurable and reusable. They are developed by adhering to SDLC process. ISO 9001 processes are followed up strictly to enforce quality in the product. A lot of new technologies such as XML have been used which gives a kind of sophistication to the product. The benefits are one team for maintenance and code consistence across customers.

c) J2EE

The Products developed by MSPI are compatible with all Operating systems like Windows, AIX, and Linux. We are one of the pioneers in using J2EE for Inbound and Outbound mail transfer, which works across all platforms. Some of the latest technologies including SOAP, XML and Oracle Intermedia search are used for effective performance and ease of use. The whole product is hosted on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server. This is one of the best available in the industry. The idea is to avoid independent installations at each customers place but to host it in one place and let the customers use it from there. The benefits are one team for maintenance and code consistence across customers. XML is used predominantly. Even the mailing list is in XML. The advantage is any client who has an XML render able legacy system need not buy or modify his existing software to use our product. Ease of implementation should work out in favor of roping in undecided clients.

d) ASP

ASP.NET combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability and deployment. In any real-world Web-based application, the foremost role of a Developer is to normalize the business logic and encapsulate said logic in business components to extend the capabilities of application as a whole. In classic, ASP developers turned to creating COM objects in VisualBasic, Visual C++ or Java to implement their custom business rules.

e) Oracle / DB2

Oracle / DB2 is responsible to keep the database server up at all times and to provide users with access to the required information when they need it. As members in team are DBA, they are supposed to handle client issues in production databases. Their daily day to day activities include creating primary database storage structures and implement and maintain database security, monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database and offering assistance to developers in optimizing their applications, porting database, monitoring disk, table spaces, extents, and fragmentation, perform house-cleaning tasks as required, purging old files from the Oracle database.


1) Networking

Our experienced engineers work with our clients and carefully examine their existing network systems, determine their company’s demand for future growth and recommend the most efficient system possible to meet their company’s needs into the future. We continuously take data back up and retrieve the data’s whenever required.

2) Firewall Setup

Millennium Software Productions prevents costly network security problems by having a visual, automated and configured platform, which deploys security rules on multi-vendor routers, switches, firewalls and VPN’s. By automating the work and making different brands and devices interoperable, Millennium Software Productions offers ease of management, improved security, and return on investment.
With a team of certified security professionals, Millennium Software Productions always reviewing its security periodically and updating them. All the traffic with its clients will be encrypted and thus never allowing any security breach during data transit.

3) Features and Benefits :

Virtual Private Network Authenticate Users Firewall Load Balancing Secure Network Address Translation Security Tools Resist Common Attacks by Firewalls Port Mapping and Network Address Translation (NAT) Data Back-up and retrieve